home show

My old flat, Edinburgh, UK    December 2017


In December 2017, I invited some friends to show art at a house show. I'd been going to art shows in small, DIY venues that felt awkward and accidentally unwelcoming, because as a relative newcomer I usually didn't know anyone. My partner pointed out that the best gatherings had food, and so he made a white mushroom soup and blended up colourful toppings to make the food into art, as well. It worked out--our disparate groups of acquaintances all seemed to have a good time mingling and meeting each other. Kirsty Johnston put together the show map, collaged matryoshka dolls, and showed a video installation that we projected onto the wall inside our front door. She even made popcorn and set up an armchair for people to watch it. Harry Jelley made the art soup and displayed/gave away fifty copies of his poem 'Andy Serkis'. Rowan Crerar made a platoon of painted paper boats that sank gently into the bath. Emily Cullen did a small popup for her zine store Crisps. It ruled. 

I made the above poster for our facebook event; the background was drawn by Maddy Weatherhead