Giant Nerd bookstore, Spokane, WA    March 2016


The bugs from my Blue Door show were threatening rebellion, so I created a new series of lino prints of things that kill bugs. A lightbulb, some bug spray, a swatter--all the deadly threats to the delicate little guys I'd spent weeks painstakingly carving. 

This show was called Imagocide, after the French word for bug-killing. Strangely, despite the deadly and disgusting insects we have in the Anglosphere, we'd never gotten as far as coming up with a word for our self-defense. Loan words it is. 


When the project was finished, the prints were exhibited for the month of March and had an opening for First Friday, the monthly Spokane artwalk. Hit the Deck Tarot came to do some paid readings, and the real success was how many visitors discovered an excellent new-to-them bookstore in Giant Nerd