maya jewell zeller reading

Lovecrumbs Cafe, Edinburgh, UK   February 2018


In February of 2018, my friend and former professor Maya Jewell Zeller came to Europe for a conference and came through Edinburgh. It was too good of an opportunity to miss, so I organised a reading and art show at Lovecrumbs Cafe. Members of the Epoch 8 art collective presented a performance piece involving sewing through the skin of their fingers and giving each other performer a heartfelt compliment as they handed the needle and thread onwards. Harry Jelley read poems about job interviews and re-making the world. I performed a piece involving a second-hand photo album and audience members each reading out one line of a poem.As a party favour, I also made and gave away emotional bingo cards, which led to someone winning a bag of chocolate bars. Maya read from her third book, Alchemy for Cells and Other Beasts, and talked to us about swans, keystone species, and the end of the world.