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I created this piece after a pretty gross, exhausting breakup. I made 30 of these watercolored and printed statements and pinned them to the wall in my living room and looked at them every day for months while I tried to figure out whether these statements applied to me or to my ex. I didn't want to construct an argument here. I just wanted to examine the facts.

This piece was part of my application for the Spokane Women | Art | Media show that happened on January 28th at the Richmond Art Collective space and the neighboring Bartlett. I intended this one as an example of previous work rather than my actual application piece, but the jurors accepted it, and I was really happy to get to show it outside of my living room, and even happier to get to sell some of the pieces. At that point I didn't want to hold on to any of this any more - I didn't want to spend any more energy blaming my ex, or examining the mistakes I might have made in that relationship. It felt healthy to get rid of these resentments and confessions one by one.